my name is colin domigan.

my debut album "buddy list" is now available on all streaming platforms. the lead single, "been busy" has a nice video i also produced. the album came out may 12 2017. i've also released a mixtape, "disc9", in 2020.

i've released on rave roolz, grassfed disco, walmer convenience, and emulsify.

i've also remixed orville peck, lazerdisk, david heartbreak, biting elbows, nick minieri, hifi brown, among many others. i've been remixed by jstjr, absrdst, two sev, danslow, tone ra, nick garcia, among many others.

i've released two e.p.'s on covery, filter w/ antae(2015) & across the pond (2013).

i've also released also two e.p.'s on dubco, boston fire (2014) & zouk bass vip (2013).

i've written blog posts for walmer convenience and dubco.

you can hear my latest releases below:

i also have some nice mixes:

email for whatever is domigan16 at gmail.

i'm generally open to bookings in the new england & new york areas.

i might listen to some of your music too if i see it.

don't friend me on facebook

follow me on twitter instead